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Even thou George Carlin didnt write this this dude was definitely

Even thou George Carlin didnt write this this dude was definitely


Even thou George Carlin didn't write this, this dude was definitely on to

george carlin a man of great wisdom underestimated because it was presented as comedy.

George Carlin - It's bad for ya

George Carlin

Advertisement: George Denis Patrick Carlin ...

George Carlin

Carlin on Campus

George Carlin - Life Is Worth Losing

Talk about straight talk — George Carlin became a comedy legend doing just that, with a stand-up act that told it like it was, usually in language that ...

#InspiringQuotes http://www.positivewordsthatstartwith.com/ ~ George Carlin .

This guy.

George Carlin Is Still Tossing Out The Good Stuff

George Carlin quote. "Conservatives say that if you don't give the rich

George Carlin has always straddled and blurred the line separating the mainstream from the counterculture, testing the boundaries of the First Amendment ...

Follow the Author. George Carlin

George Carlin, Man Humor, Male Humor

George Carlin on life... he kinda has a point..as the saying goes, youth is wasted on the young!

George Carlin

George Carlin on Writing

George Carlin at USC (1977)

George Carlin

George Carlin: Life Is Worth Losing (2005) - George Carlin as Himself - IMDb

George Carlin's Guide to Life

Just as the lessons of The Big Lebowski affect us more george-carlin

I don't go out much in the morning and I never, ever read the news. I suppose that makes me an uniformed American, but I really don't give a fuck about ...

George Carlin is Still Tossing Out the Good Stuff

American comedian George Carlin (1937-2008). (Kevin Statham/Getty Images)

Imgur Post - Imgur George Carlin, Best Quotes, Favorite Quotes, Funny Quotes,

Young George Carlin

I ...

Comedian George Carlin's 'Last Words'

From Portland With Love

George Carlin – He Wasn't Just a Stand-up Comic!

George Carlin, quote. "If it is true that our species is alone in

George Carlin's Seven Words No Longer Matter, But His Love For Free Speech Does

Carlin at Carnegie

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This is truth. Term limits good enough for the Presidential seat it should be good enough for Congressional seats too. Poet's Cottage · George Carlin

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1999 presents the Greatest Comedic Piece Criticizing RELIGION (Product of GEORGE CARLIN)

Life Is Worth Losing [Explicit]

George Carlin Scripts

George Carlin's Shocking Prescience on the Nights Before 9/11 | The New Yorker

So my flimsy excuse for paying tribute to George Carlin on a Science blog is to assemble a few of his observations. He was full of wisdom, and at his best ...

'Floating around the Internet these days, posted and e-mailed back and forth

When Will Jesus Bring the Pork Chops?

George Carlin

George Carlin's comedy 'stuff' finds new homes in a DVD anthology — and in

George Carlin comm. - hi res by the-biggest-lebowski ...

George Carlin

George Carlin in "Dogma"

George Carlin's Shocking Prescience on the Nights Before 9/11

Norm Macdonald on Why He's Tired of Trump Satire and the Joke He'll Never Tell Again

Carlin was one of the few comedians to use his insights on politics, religion, psychology and combine it with his aptitude for dark humor to constructively ...

... where we throw out a question for discussion among the staff and readers. Consider this a prompt to compare notes on your interface with pop culture, ...


TIL that it was Drew Carey, not George Carlin, who made this astute observation.

For a while, I thought of myself as an atheist until I realized it was a belief, too. It's a shame everything has to have a label.

In it she said only, "Love this guy!" And just those few words reminded a brotha of how much he loved George Carlin's ...

George Carlin

Conversations with Carlin: An In-Depth Discussion with George Carlin about Life, Sex

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Carlin did a stint in the U.S. Air Force as a young man and trained as a radar technician, which didn't last long. During his short military career, ...

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Image: Two people figuring out how to handle all our stuff

Apatow performs on the Trainwreck Comedy Tour at the Wiltern Theater on June 21, 2015, in Los Angeles, California. Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic

In Conversation: Bill Burr

Saturday Night Live (Classic)Season 1


In the late 1970s, a lot of comedians were criticizing George Carlin for falling off and becoming too formulaic. In Carlin's autobiography, he claimed that ...

When Will Jesus Bring the Pork Chops? (2004)[edit]


During George Carlin's brief military career, he had a gig as a disc jockey at a radio station near his post in Shreveport, Louisiana.


Louis C.K.: This is funny?

10 Controversial Comedians on Their Right to Be Offensive

Seven Dirty Words

George Carlin. A man amongst men. The kind of man you wish everyone would read about in the bible.